Sunday, 17 February 2008

First Entry

And so we try again.

I've caught myself from having gone to a rather introspective kind of journalling/blogging to a more informative kind, which probably has to do with the fact that I'm too busy to have any real thoughts beyond the kind that have to do with work. It's bad when researching for a possible PhD becomes one of the few remaining escape routes in your life.

So I've pretty much stopped writing, I've admittedly begun photographing again, but other than that, life is currently a marathon consisting of reaching the end of the week so I can sleep. (Right, that's probably my cold talking.) I'm not saying I'm not learning a lot, and having enormous amounts of fun, but it's going too fast.

Meanwhile, I've been forced to rethink my writing, in particular the academic kind, but as a result also the normal kind. For most of my life up to now, I've just written, and not thought much about beginnings, endings, and the way to go about it. That I got away with it, to the point of getting my MA, says something about my writing skills, but the post-graduation time has made me realise a lot of things, not in the least that there's a more theoretical side to writing as well. And that, if I want to attempt this PhD, I'll definitely have to reconsider how I've written before.

Is it weird that you can only appreciate your education after you've actually finished it? And that you wished you would have realised that more consciously before it was actually over?

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